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Formwork/ Bondeck

Safety Nets has many great benefits in the applications of conventional Formwork, Bondeck and other Formwork applications.

Some of the Key benefits are to mitigate falls at midpoint, providing confidence to workers knowing there is system in place to protect and allowing workers to move freely to undertake tasks safely without being fixed to a line and most all, it is very light in weightto move around.

We have worked with number of Formwork Companies to achieve the best and most effective ways in having Safety Net systems installed as control measure when working at height.

See images below for further information.

We offer onsite training to make the Safety Netting application more practical and hands on.

If required, we assist with SWMS and Safety procedure.

Download the Formwork Bondeck Application leaflet

Safety Nets used as Fall Arrest system to place Beams and Bondeck safely.

Ultra Floor and Bondek placement