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Frequently asked Questions - Safety Netting

This page will be updated without notice.


Safety Nets Australia commitment to your privacy

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In addition, we will not send you email that you have not agreed to receive, or unless you specifically request a response from us. All emails received by us are deleted within of receipt (for such security purposes).


Disclaimer Safety Nets Australia

This page informs you of our disclaimer for the whole of the Safety Nets Australia Pty Ltd web site.

The information contained on this site is only intended to provide a summary and general overview on matters of interest.

The information is not intended to be comprehensive.

Before acting on any of the information contained on this site you should discuss your individual site issues with our consultants (see our Contact Page).

Access to our site, or any transmission/receipt of information to or from this site, is not intended to create (nor does it constitute) a provider/client relationship between you and Safety Nets Australia Pty Ltd.


RELEASED ORDER TERMS and Conditions ( May be updated without Notice)

Conditions of Sale:
1) Order(s) must be confirmed and signed off.
1a. A deposits 30% of the Amount / Purchase order
2b Balance must paid prior to Delivery
3. Default account(s) will automatically be placed on hold after 2 months or Day 60.
4. Interest will be charged on any late payment, at a rate equal to 12% above our current overdraft rate
5. I agree and understand that by placing an order with SAFETY NETS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Retention of Title on the goods
supplied, remain the property of Safety Nets Australia under the Personal Property Securities Act 2018 until full payment
has been made.
a. Invoices are claimed under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 enacted in
various State of Australia.
b. While SNA will provide the correct product as ordered and fault free as required by the order stated on the invoice
6. The Customer/ Client shall be liable for all costs in the event of redirected delivery
7. All Safety Nets Australia Products (Safety Net) and Intended Application(s) are to be Installed by Trained and Competent
person(s) and as prescribe in Safety Nets Installation and Training Manual, AS1576 and Basic Riggers and Scaffolders requisite.

Protection Netting must be installed as per Site Specific, Guideline, SWOP, SWMS and for the intended application.


Maintenance Guidelines and Product Warranty

Intended application: Laydown Hammock / Reading hammock / Loft net only.

To enjoy and maintain safe product there are Rules, Obligation and Responsibility that you must be aware of.

Be aware that you are positioned above certain height.

This product may be not suited if you fear being at height.

Prior to Installation that you have researched, understood the product, and have received advice from Design Engineer, Manufactures, and Suppliers.

Your Obligation and Responsibility

Always ensure the structure to which the hammock net/ loft net is attached can support the load.

 Do not proceed with either purchase or installation until Engineers advice is in place or expert advice is/are in place if you are unsure, Stop and Seek expert advice or call us for further details. Do not attempt to install without expert advice in place.
Once the net is in position at the four corners and fixed with lashing rope around the perimeter of structure safely

Make sure the Installer’s provide you a hand over document that the hammock in place is installed/ rigged as per design and guidelines and signed off.

Now, you are ready, and it is safe to get into the hammock net/loft net. Move slowly and lay down.

 Do not allow anyone to jump in the net like a trampoline or take short cuts across the hammock net, strictly No jumping on the hammock net and not to be used as trampoline.
Do not overload Hammock net/loft net and must always stay with safe working load and as per design.

Do not and must not allow the mesh/ cords of the net to come across sharp edges.

Avoid dragging items over the net with rough surfaces
Never stack materials on or over the hammock net.
No throwing objects onto Hammock net
Do not allow debris to accumulate in or on the Hammock net
Do not allow a hammock net to be exposed to hot work such as flame or spark producing operations.
Do not allow any unauthorised person to interfere with any part of the net and its assembly.
After number of uses, the cords / meshes will stretch and will require retensioning and this will bring the edge of net closer to the eyelets/ structure. Pull the lashing rope along the net and move the loose end of the rope towards the corners and tension in place and fix at the corners. It is recommended that you seek professional help in the event you cannot retention the net safely.


Ongoing Maintenance

To maintain safe product, you have an obligation for ongoing visual inspection, check for damage before and after use. If twine, cord, mesh is/are damaged do not use the hammock net under conditions and report to Supplier/ manufacture immediately for instructions or seek expert advice for repairs.
Life spans of hammock net’s is up to 5 years and will depend on how well it is maintained and managed

Product Warranty 2 years from manufacturing date.

As added measure you can install a secondary net below the hammock net as fall arrest.

Failing to follow the above will void the product and warranty of the product.

Manufacture/ Supplier

SNA will provide the correct product as ordered and fault free as required by the order and shall not be liable for any indirect damages due to this general condition, loss to equipment, or loss of service, loss of profit, damages or costs that could be incurred. The Customer has sole responsibility for the selection and purchase of a Safety net product with continued Maintenance/ Visual Inspection whilst in use or in place. Should it be impossible to use the Safety net products fully or in part, particularly due to equipment incompatibility, there shall be no compensation, reimbursement, except in the event of proven hidden defects, non-conformity, faulty product, or exercise of the right to cancel within 7 days. 
Indemnity. Customer/ CLIENT// shall indemnify Safety Nets Australia Pty Ltd against, and hold Safety Nets Australia Pty Ltd harmless from, any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, arising out of, connected with, or resulting from    Client's use of the Safety Nets and Fixing Devices, including without limitation the manufacture, selection, possession, use, operation, or return of the Safety Nets and Fixing Devices.

Additional information is available on the Safety nets Australia website or email us:


Safety netting 45x45x5mm / Breaking Strain 330kg per square mesh

Safety netting 100x100x5mm / Breaking Strain 220kg per square mesh

Safety Netting 60x60x5mm/ Breaking Strain 220kg per square mesh

Safety Netting- Nylon 70x70x6mm / breaking Strain 400kg per square mesh

Certified to EN1261-2014 Certified to ANNZ_S:4389
Safety Nets Australia

Terms may be updated without notice.

Remember - safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

Glass Atrium_Gold Coast

Vertical Protection Netting 

Safety Nets Australia

Walk On Nets/ Light working Platform/ 300kg per Grid

Austral Bricks NSW

Cathedral Roof Structure

Ultra Floor and Bondek placement

100x100x5mm with

4mm Fire Retardant overlay 

Erecting Trusses Using Safety Nets as Fall arrest system