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SAFETY NET H-45x45x5mm

Colours Green/Black/Blue/ 

SNA FR 22mmx22x3mm

160kg Square  Mesh


White Protection Netting and

White Safety Net 45x45x5mm

SNA Hammock Type Style product(s) bought to meet requirements of the end user which is the Customer. While SNA will provide the correct product as ordered and fault free as required by the order and shall not be liable for any indirect damage misuse,  general condition, loss to equipment, or loss of service, loss of profit, damages or costs that could be incurred. The Customer has sole responsibility for the selection and purchase of a Safety net product with continued Maintenance/ Visual Inspection whilst in use or in place or care. Should it be impossible to use the Safety net products fully or in part, particularly due to equipment incompatibility, there shall be no compensation, reimbursement, except in the event of proven hidden defects, non-conformity, faulty product, or exercise of the right to cancel within 7 days.

These terms may be updated without notice