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Safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

Our Highly skilled and specialist High Tension Nets Installers for the Light Working Platform (Walk on Nets) are ready to assist.

  • BHP Site, was carried out by our Specialist Installers (ALL AREAS ACCESS GROUP) 
  • SpanSet (PNG Stadium)
  • Mc Scaffolding (Mt Isa)
  • Austral Bricks (Safety Nets Australia Team)
  • Jakarta Airport Indonesia

and many more!

 Some examples of these nets:

**Walk-on Platform Nets must be installed by Trained and Competent personnel only.

Designed and Engineered Walk On Safety Nets/ 

Platform Nets 

Walk On Nets/ Light working Platform/ 300kg per Grid

Austral Bricks NSW

Walk On Nets

Walk On Nets

Platform Netting