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Handrails and Scaffolding

Fire retardant netting and Fire protection netting can be used for many applications.

Product information: Barrier Netting                                   Colours: Black
Mesh Sizes:    FR12x12mmx15ply /              Bundle Sizes: 12mm-10x30m18x18mmx15ply 
Mesh Sizes:    FR18x18mmx15ply/               Bundles size  50 x 10m

Hand Rails Bundle Size: 18x18xx15ply/ bundle size 50x2m 

Want a smaller size or special size, please call us or send us an email for a quote.

ApplicationsOutdoors areas Protection Netting, Barrier netting, Hand rails, Produce farms
General Information and Product Warranty:
Our 1.7mm (15Ply) High Density Polyethylene Knotted Netting is a professional Grade, UV stabilised, high strength netting suitable for permanent Outdoor  Indoor installations. The durable and robust manufacture ensures the netting is designed to last, even in trying environmental conditions for up to 7-10 years and Internal application may last a lot longer pending on the environment and annual checks are maintained.
This netting is simple and efficient to work with. Being a square mesh design, it can significantly reduce installation times and labor costs. This netting won't pull or stretch in either direction, which allows for precise installations.

Technical Specifications:
Manufacture: 500Denier / 15ply High Density Polyethylene
Mesh Size: 18mm x 18mm/ 12mmx12mm
Twine Thickness: 1.7mm
GSM: 186 Grams Per Square Metre
Key Performance Specifications:
UV Stabilised
Fire Retardant added
Square Mesh Design
Knotted / Twisted Construction
HDPE will not absorb water, therefore not changing the
properties of the netting during inclement weather