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Service Pit and Voids

Equipment required:  All fittings must be rated or equivalent M16/M20 Eyebolts, HKD Anchors, Minimum 8mm wirecable, 1.5t turnbuckle, M10 Shackles, M10 Snap hooks, 21Kn Karabiners to fix the nets over the Pit or void 

Installation  notation: This intended application and intended protection Safety Netting is only to be used as physical barrier to protect and, prevent and mitigate the personnel from a fall installed by Competent personnel only with handover documents.

meets requirement of BCA part 3.9.2 and AS1170.1 as physical barrier and BS1263-1*  21Kn Screw gate Karabiners/ Shackles/ screw gate Snap hooks must meet Standard CE1019

Void and Overhead Protection

High Tension Netting with overlay

Service Pit Nets

Slide Across