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Inspections | Annual UV Testing | Repairs

While Safety Nets are manufactured with "UV" treatment, over time and use, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers that make up the cord and the integrity of the Safety Net. This also applies Debris netting and Protection netting. For the protection of the Personnel's Safety and the workplace it is critical that ongoing Visual and Annual Certifications  take place for continued use. Remember life Span of any safety nets subject to testing has shelf life of 5 years and Debris and Protection netting is about 6 years. 

Our after Sales and Services include:

  • Annual  "UV" Testing
  • Tagging and Certification
  • Repairs
  • Technical and Specialist advise

Additional information for your reference and the reasons to comply

  • To Comply with EN/BS 1263-1-2
  • WHS-2011 Act / OHS Act compliance
  • Each year from manufacturing date, one of the test meshes is to be removed and sent for testing.
  • Conformance(s) certificate is either issued with test label for continued use or may be deemed not fit for reuse.
  • Safety Nets Save Lives!  It is recommended that ongoing visual inspections are performed before and after use!

For additional assistance regarding  Safety Net Inspections, net testing and tagging

Call us:  +61 412 285 603


Please Send your  ''Uv Test Meshes' to: 

Safety Nets Australia Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 4053 Strathfield South NSW 2136 Australia.

Border Rope and Twine Damaged during use

We can repair this net with new certification

and be safe to use again*

Safety Net Repaired

and Inspected

Compare Used and New Safety Nets Cord

UV Pull out Test


Safety Nets Australia Maintenance

Your safety is important to us; in order to ensure the safety and integrity of the fall arrest system, the nets are maintained by our qualified personnel only.

  • All nets are inspected, repaired, recorded and attached with an inspection tag after every application.
  • Safety Net Australia Quality Assurance - Safety Nets Site Inspection
  • We check each safety net identification number and current inspection tag, to ensure current compliance.
  • An inspection log book / register is provided to the client of the correct installation.
  • Hand-over certificates are given for each area handed over to the contractor.

Fan Nets- TubeFanNet


Fire Retardant Protection Netting

Knotted 18x18x15ply 

and higher Ply available

Black/ Bale Size 10mx50m $1700.00^