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Safety Nets Applications in Mining, Oil and Gas

The Mining, Oil and Gas environments are considered high risk work, especially when working at height.

The protection of  the workers and equipment are fundamental principles and can never be overlooked when keeping workers safety in mind!

We have supplied netting systems to a number of Mining and Gas Companies to fulfil those tasks as listed below:-

  • The Conveyor Belts
  • Flying Debris 
  • Working at heights including Roof Works
  • Walk on Nets
  • Shaker buckets
  • Handrails
  • Voids


Benefits in using Safety netting

  • Provides a practicable solution when working at heights
  • Provides improved safety compliance and preventative measures
  • Effective as physical barriers at midpoints of falls
  • Can be used as Primary or Secondary arrest system
  • Provides a Net Inspection check point system after installation
  • Is Extremely economical compared to other systems
  • Importantly Provides the flexibility for workers to move around freely to do their task safely in conjunction with other safe systems.

We have wide range of Safety Netting systems Rated (upto 330kg per twine) and non-rated protection screen nets upto 90kg.

Mining Application:

Conveyor Belt Protection

Walk On Nets