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Proven Reliability

Safety Nets Australia has been operating nationwide within the construction industry since 2003 and is currently working in partnership with a variety of principal contractors. Our Experience and Specialty are in safety net fall arrest systems and preventions especially working at varying cases of height.

Our Team

Safety Nets Australia employs and works with highly qualified persons with extensive WH&S knowledge and qualifications. Ensuring the best quality delivery of our fall-arrest system. The calibre of our efforts and a testament to our high standards of Safety are recognised in several awards including SafeWork.

Our Supplier

Our Safety Nets are made to order and in accordance ISO9001/ EN1263-1 and our manufactures are a major provider of EN1263-1 fall-arrest safety nets, ropes and attachment devices, as well as being a manufacturer member of the FASET Association (fall arrest equipment training).

Part in supplying Safety Nets, we have in-house testing facilities  in line with the  EN1263-1 Safety Nets Annual UV Testing methods.

100kg Drop Test