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Having the modern lightweight safety nets affixedto the top plate position during construction when erecting roof trusses, voids, and stairs will create safeenvironment for the workers.The workers level of confidence improves as their level safetyand work practices are improved.

Safety Nets offer a collective level of protection when working at height and mitigate incidents. ( *Please note WHS-Act 2011 prohibits any falls at any height)We have had number of cases where Safety Nets have saved worker's lives in the Construction Industry.

Safety Nets arethe most efficient and cost effective fall prevention barrier formany different applications, and Safety Nets can be used again.

The simplicity and peace of using Safety Nets are beneficial for many forms of construction. Imagine the perimeter scaffolding being erected outside of the building during construction and having Safety Nets on inside. Both systems collectively will help eliminate falls and incidents during constructions without limiting or restricting workers efficiency.

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For Roof Carpenters to erect Roof Trusses

Using the SNA rated Cam Buckle strap as tying device

 500kg $8.50 per pc or  600kg $10.00 per pc

 (Cheaper in Bulk)