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With Safety Nets Australia you get:

  • Proven Reliability
  • Procedures and Information, Safety Nets Installation and Training Manual
  • Flexible Training
  • Provide Training and Supplies to many RTO's and Industry.
  • We worked closely with our contractors to achieve the best result and reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards and safety requirement.
  • Our Experience and Specialty are in Safety Nets Fall arrest systems and preventions, especially working at Heights.

Benefits of Safety System

What are the benefits or advantages in using Safety Nets as fall arrest system when working at heights?

Importantly, safety nets utilise energy absorption as the fundamental principle governing their design and performance. In the majority of situations, safety nets have distinct advantages over other forms of fall arrest. As the Australian Standards and WHS - Act 2011 acknowledges and approves of the British standards, the standards regard nets as their "preferred method of fall arrest when working at height"

  • Meets the NEW Work Health and Safety Laws-WHS Act 2011
  • Meet Compliance IS9001,
  • Meet AS/NZ 4576
  • Meets OHS ACTS and Regulations in Australia States**
  • Installed by competent and trained personal
  • Provides a practicable solution when working at heights
  • Provides improved safety compliance and preventative measures
  • Effective as physical barriers at midpoints of falls
  • Can be used as Primary or Secondary arrest system
  • Provides a Net Inspection check point system after installation
  • Extremely economical compared to other systems
  • Nets can be used again
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Importantly Provides the flexibility for workers to move around freely to do their task safely in conjunction with other safe systems

When the Tallest Residential Tower In the World (Q-1 Gold Coast,QLD)wanted to Build their Skypoin tClimb they turn to Roof Industrial Safe ( and Safety Nets Australia for Safety Nets Supplies.

Fall hazards inside a building

There are also fall hazards on the inside of the building during construction work.

Measures must be taken for:

  • Potential falls between roof trusses;
  • Construction of high strutting formwork;
  • Large voids and penetrations;
  • Between roof purlins, steel construction and bondeck formwork.
  • Through brittle roofs, skylights and any roof floor openings.

Safety nets can fill these gaps.

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Over Sewerage Treatment Plant

For Roof Carpenters to erect Roof Trusses