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Fire Protection Netting

We supply Fire Retardant UV protected polyethylene Safety Netting, Nylon Netting,  Debris protection and overlay mesh.

With the Fire Retardant (FR) additive, it is the only netting that can perform for use on Construction projects that specify fire retardant Safety Netting or

Fire Containment netting applications.

Application and Use

Fire retardant netting and Fire protection netting can be used for many applications.

However, in the Existing Building Intended applications it is recommended you seek professional advice first. 
For further assistance please call us!


Knotted 18x18x15ply and 18ply

and higher Ply are also available

Type Protection Netting (FR) / Impact Netting 
Price TBA
Mesh/ Aperture/ Straing 22x22x3.5m ( 180kg per sqaure mesh)
Colour/ Material   Black, Polyester
Bale size 20x10m
Life time against UV  up to 8 years 
Fire retardant NFPA 701/ AS1530.2

 Product code: SNAFR22_3_5mm


Type Protection Netting (FR)
Price per Bale From $2300.00^ buy more and save
Mesh aperture 12mmx12mm
Colour Black 
Bale size/ weight 10x30m ( 10.5x31m) / 90kg
Life time against UV up to 8 years 
Mesh Type Knotted / 15ply 
Fire Retardant - AS1530.2 - Tested and with certification

Product Code: SNAFR12_15

Type Protection Netting (FR)
Price per Bale  $1700.00^ buy more and save
Mesh/ aperture size 18mmx18mm
Colour Black
Bale size/ Weight 50x10m / 75kg per bale
Life time against UV  up to 8 years
Mesh Type Knotted/ 15ply/ and higher Ply available
Fire retardant AS1530.2- test and with certification

Product Code: SNAFR18_15