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Fixing Devices and Attachments
  We have range of Fixing / Anchoring Devices that will make Installation of Safety Nets Quicker and Safely.
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After more information on the Safety netting system please email us.
All our Devices are TESTED locally  to NATA Standards and International standards
Claw Hook  Quick fixing devices for the I-Beam $12.00 + gst*
Grippa Brackets Clips on I-beam and two nets can be connected $44.00 + gst*
Karabiners and SS with Screw gate 22Kn Chrome, ideal for Wirecable  $8.00* each and SS $32.00*
Eyebolts/ Eyenuts  Connectors  in Gal and SS, various ratings  various
Flush Mounted Anchors Connectors  in Gal and SS, various ratings various 
Tie rope with an Eye Conventional  method of fixing Nets onto any Structure/2.5m and 2.8t $5.00
Safety Nets Straps/ SNA Brand tested for 500kg and 600kg) Quick, Easy and Sits very Flat, no need to worry about different type of Knots $7.50* and $8.50*
          * BUY IN BULK AND SAVE !

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Safety Nets Install and Training

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