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Safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

Safety Nets For Hire

Hire Safety Nets as a fall arrest system on your next project

 including fixing devices at very competitive rates.

We have various sizes in stock to suit many applications.

 For a quote on hiring and installing Safety Nets for short term or long term use,

please send us an email with your requirements on the link below


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We can train your personnel to Install and Inspect Safety Netting Installation

We can provide you with Experienced and Competent Net Installers and Net Inspectors located across Australia and New Zealand.

Note: Hiring of Safety Nets is restricted to Standard Mesh size of 100x100mmx5mm only

Fan Nets 45x45x5mm with overlay mesh 

Formwork and Bondeck Nets
Overlay Mesh is an additional charge
Hiring includes all the fixing devices to suit various applications and structures

Installation And Inspection Requirement

Must be installed and Inspected by Trained and qualified personnel who have received training in the Safety Netting Applications.


Applying the hierarchy of best-practice safety controls
How do safety nets meet these best-practice safety controls?
  • Safety nets provide protection from fall hazards
  • Safety nets separate people from the hazard
  • Safety nets are an engineered control
  • Safety nets change work practices
  • Safety nets reduce the total reliance on fall restraint PPE
    See our Fulfilling Requirements page for details on how you can meet the legislative requirements with our system.
Fall hazards inside a building
There are also fall hazards on the inside of the building during construction work. Measures must be taken for:
  • Potential falls between roof trusses
  • Construction of high strutting formwork
  • Large voids and penetrations
  • Between roof purlins, steel construction and bondeck formwork
  • Through brittle roofs, skylights and any roof floor openings
  • Safety nets can fill these gaps
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