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Fan Netting System

We have few types of Fan Netting systems. They are versatile, and installed from the inside of the building. Fan Nets can extend up to 5m with a retractable mechanism in place. The benefits of controlling falling objects through the use of fan netting systems are plenty.

Our Variable Fan Arms can now be hired with Nets to suit for your next project and if required we can do the install as well.

Our drop test has proven to arrest (capture) 100kg from the height of 10m and have been installed on the Crown Tower all the way to 75th floors (Sydney) can withstand wind load up to 150kmh*.

Scroll down to watch the drop test below.

They are designed at a tilted angle and the fallen objects are  absorbed and contained,

controlling the risk and injury that can harm the public and workers.

  • It is installed from the inside of the building.
  • Can span up to 5m with loading capacity of 100kg
  • It is retractable for your convenience to shift loads through
  • It is adaptable to suit all or most buildings
  • With combined layer of various types of debris / overlay mesh to stop even the fine objects from falling through.

Click here to Download Fan Netting System leaflet.



Safety Net Drop Test

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