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Vertical Safety Net Screening System

Vertical Safety Net Screening provides a Safety system Enclosure for Personnel** andDebris protection during High Rise Construction or Existing Buildings.

Cost effective and quick to install as a Safety system.

It is light to move from floor to floor and stored for later use.

The strength of the High Tension Netting removes the need for Midrail and Toeboard.


  • High-rise constructions (Protection Screening and Handrails)
  • Balconies: ONGOING STRATA MAINTENANCE and REPAIRS onHigh-rise Buildings / Apartmentsare major hazards and can be subject to many repair problems let alone working at height.
  • Warehousing/ Factories : Separation of walkways, materials and personnel
  • Strata Managersmust ensure it's safe and without risk to the health of contractors and others who may use them (provide Safety for Personnel, and materials) and Vertical Safety Net(s) are the idealSafe Systems to prevent falls and control debris in place.
  • Removal of Breakaway Render
  • Concrete Cancer
  • Handrails (stops almost anything to go through between top rail and bottom rail)

Safety Nets with overlay mesh (various type of Debris can be stitched to suit application from fine mesh of 4mm to 18mm aperture holes).

It provides great factor as wind breaker on high floors.

Recommended Aperture sizes-45x45x5mm with breaking Strain of 330kg per square Mesh and overlay mesh

60x60x5mm with breaking Strain of 220kg per square Mesh and overlay mesh.

See images below for intended application.

Remember - Safety Nets Save Lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below.




Safety Nets Vertical Screening 

Empire Building Rockhampton

Vertical Protection Netting 

Safety Nets Australia

Vertical Nets with Overlay Mesh 1 Bligh St, Sydney

**Used with other Systems.