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Remember - safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

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Safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

Our Safety Nets are manufactured to the highest quality and in accordance to ISO9001/ EN1263-1.  
The HTPP fibre is highly resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and contains added 'UV' treatment for longer life.
Our selection of Safety Nets aperture sizes mesh range from
  45x45x5mm/ 60x60x5mm /100x100x5mm
Nylon Netting 70x70x6mm (Black only)
Light Walkign Platform (walkon nets)*
Fire Retardant Netting available upon request
Debris Netting and other types available upon request
We can make any size to suit and up to 50m long
As an option, add Debris Overlay mesh for protection of Dust,  other Fine objects from falling below
Our Services are Nationwide and also export to Overseas Markets.

  Send us an email with your requirements  for a quote.orderformTwo1.png - large    

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Download our Safety Nets Leaflet






SAFETY NET 100x100x5mm

SAFETY NET 60x60x5mm

SAFETY NET 45x45x5mm

Fire Retardant Netting



Blue Overlay mesh 4mmx4mm

Knotted Debris Overlay 12x12x15ply

Knotted Debris overlay  18x18x18ply

White Protection Netting


To purchase or to place an order for any of the above, please download our OrderForm at top of the page.






Knotted/ Aperture 12x12mmx15ply


Knotted 18x18x15ply and 18ply

and higher Ply available

Debris Netting


Debris Netting Bale price 10mx30m 12x12x15ply $1700.00 ( special price for 3 bales or more)

Debris Netting Bale price 10mx50m 18x18x15ply $1400.00 (special price for

3 bales or more)

After a special size, please call us or send an email for quote.



Safety Nets Australia Installation and Training Manual  

With assistance to meet your obligation and compliance under WHS/OHS Acts and Regulations in Australia including State based OHS Laws.Safety Nets Australia  provides Training, Instructions, Risk Assessment, and Procedures for safe use to ensure hazards are controlled and not passed on.

Sold more than 300 books!!

Ideal for all Net Installlers,Net Inspectors,Trainers and Supervisors, OHS Managers.

Second Edition Volume 3 2015 Step by Step with detailed Photos.
Available - PDF format only $15.00
It is free with any order.
Educational and Students PDF price with ID $5.00*
 to Purchase  Please send us an email.
All Proceeds from Sales of the Manual will now be directed to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Charity.
Manufactured Safety Nets SPECIFICATION
Twine/Mesh Cord Size 5mm ( Aperture size 100mm, 60mm, 45mm) |  Breaking Force  2.2kn |   BORDER ROPE 30KN | 12MM 3 STRAND
SWL: 350kg| Breaking Strain 220kg each sqaure Mesh.  Tested for 10m Drop using 120kg*(M45only)
*Walk On Nets are designed to application.