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Remember - safety nets save lives. They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at heights, and also prevent the fall of a lot of debris onto the site below

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Handrails / Formwork screens / Jump screens/ Pallet Racking / Bird netting


many other applications


  • Creates a safer working environment from falling objects.
  • Nets are strong and of low weight.
  • Orders Made to measure so no cutting down or edge working.
  • Flexibility to have nets removed and reinstalled.
  •  Nets are flexible and not of a rigid construction.  
  • We supply the highest quality of the Safety Netting/ Polyethylene grade netting material for all installations to ensure all areas are covered and protected.       
  • Stock Rack Nets/ Conveyor Nets in Fire Retardant
  • Available in various sizes and strengths.


Debris Protection Netting 12x12x15ply

Vertical Protection Netting 

Safety Nets Australia

Curtain Wall Lend Lease

Fire Retardant Safety Nets as Vertical protection and screening

Overhead Protection

High Tension Netting with overlay